Friday, May 17, 2013

ELC 2013 Personal Reflections

As we have reached the end of our English Language Camp 2013, we have journaled our thoughts and reflections of our journey together as a team.

Do feel free to enjoy reading snippets of our thoughts.

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Collage designed by Kok Jia Xuan

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Perfect End

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With laughters and joy, we have reached end of the English Language Camp. 
The ELC has ended but not the memories and friendship we share.
We, TESL Super Juniors, will grow and shine! 
Strive for excellence!

The end, for now.
Our story still goes on...

Thank you!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quess What: Dessert

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I am a type of dessert
I have a spongy base
and on top a hat
creamy with sweet colours, chocolate rice and candies
Guess who am I?


Answer: Cupcakes


Quotes: Be happy, don't worry

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Today I gained an inspiration from this little girl. This cheerful child does not seem to have any problems.

The moral value that I have learned from this little girl is not to think too much and to have faith. I should be more careful not to over-think and worry unnecessarily.

Short Reflection: What have we done? (Day 3)

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The activities on the third day of the camp consisted of activities at the Kent Preschool and the Closing Ceremony. Before that, we had an aerobics session led by Team 22 in the morning followed by breakfast.

At the Kent Preschool, first, we had an ice breaking with the children. Then we had a slot on singing songs, storytelling and puppet show. The children enjoyed these activities very much. We also gained some experience in organising children in class. We ended these activities by giving cupcakes and a box of Milo to each child. 

The chidlren at the Kent Preschool enjoyed the puppet show
entitled "Peter and The Wolf

Then, we started the preparation for the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was officiated by the representative for the IPG Director, Encik Datu Raiman bin Datu Kauman. During the closing ceremony, we presented two songs and our blog to the audience. This session ended at 2:30 pm.

e-Journal: The Closing Ceremony

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The Closing Ceremony of the English Language Camp which  was organised by Sunny Team  was held on 18th of April 2013, from 1.00 p.m. till 2.30 p.m. at the Tun Mustapha Hall .

The preparation for the event started right after we had our lunch at 11.30 a.m. Even though we faced some changes in the time and venue for the function, we did not panic because we were well-prepared. Everyone did their job perfectly and and we started our function on time. The function was officiated by the representative of the guest of honour, Encik Datu Raiman bin Datu Kauman.

Phoebe Hon, the organizing chairperson, gave the welcoming and thank you speech.In conjunction with our theme, English in the 21st Century: Blogosphere, we had our students' work presented by Ting Ngiik Ying in the form of a movie video and e-journaling. The presentation was impressive and the blog spot was well done. After that, we sang our theme songs before we moved on to the closing speech Encik Datu Raiman.

The closing ceremony marked the end to our English Language Camp 2013.Despite some minor mistakes, the ceremony was a success. The Sunny Team would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for their contribution to the function.

The arrival of the representative of  the Guest of honour,
Encik Datu Raiman bin Datu Kauman
Presentation of the blog by Ting Ngiik Ying

ELC theme song with actions!

Encik Datu giving the closing speech

Guess what: Introduction and Riddles

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We are team 2, also known as "Team 22". Low Loo Ken, Young Poh Ping, Lee Zhen Huan, Tan Siok Yong and Tan Vi Ler are the members of this group. We have chosen this name because "22" symbolises love. 

We love everyone!


e-Journal: An Interactive Session at the Preschool

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It was a bright Thursday morning of sunshine and rainbows. It was the 3rd and the last day of the English Language Camp. We, Sunny team, had organised and participated in the interactive session at the preschool.

At 7:00 in the morning, our team members went to the venue early for preparation. We greeted the teacher and asked for some advice regarding the class management and children's behaviour.

The children love the "Chicken Dance" session the most.
After the pupils arrived, we were introduced to the young children. Our team members led the greeting session before our interactive activities started. Our ice-breaker was great. Both the pupils and the organizers enjoyed the "Chicken Dance" session. 

Next, the storytelling session was conducted by Miss Kok Jia Xuan, the winner of the storytelling competition which was held during our ELS session. Her story "The Giving Tree" is a sweet and nice story.

Children of Kent Preschool enjoying the puppet show.

After that, the champion team of puppet show competition performed their puppet show entitled "Peter and The Wolf". The children enjoyed themselves so much. They were totally engrossed with the story telling and the puppet show.

Finally, we ended the session with lovely chocolate cupcakes and Milo drinks for the young children and their class teacher. We also took the chance to chat with the children and the teacher before we bid goodbye to them. That marked the end to our final session of ELC. 

Overall, we gained new experience and beautiful memories. Both the teacher trainees and the young children enjoyed each other's company.

Sunny team would like to convey a "big thank you" to each and everyone who helped to make this session a success!

A group photo was taken before we have to go!

Team 3: The Sunny's Introduction

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This is the video to introduce our team. We are team 3, "The Sunny". Dorina Wong Ming, Yap Sze Miin, Sally Sia Yin Yin, Sally Lew Tze Ee, Yean Yan Tong, Kok Jia Xuan and Phan Chei Kuan are the members of the team. We have chosen this name because in our opinion, an ideal language teacher must be cheerful.

We hope to spread joy and happiness though all the activities we have organized. The activities that we have conducted are the puppet show competition, an aerobics session and the interactive session with young children at the Kent Preschool. That's all for our introduction.

Hope you will like it. Thank you.

Guess What: Tree

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Guess what?

What has a bark but no bite?
A tree!